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Registered Nurse – Not Just A Career For Women

nursingTypically, when one thinks of nursing, they imagine a woman in a white nursing uniform and cap. Over time, historically nursing was synonymous with women, but not anymore. Men are needed and actually encouraged to study nursing, which is great news for them, due to the many opportunities in the field of nursing has to offer.

It use to be said that men were not geared to nursing because of the nurturing aspects that it demanded, and that they just were not sensitive enough. With our constantly changing times and work environments, equality in jobs is a big factor. Fortunately, many nursing programs actually encourage the male populous to pursue careers in the nursing and healthcare specialties.

Healthcare Is On The Rise

Nursing has never been more in demand as it is these days, there simply is more positions that are needed to fill than candidates to fill them. With our population aging, especially our baby boomer generation, the healthcare industry is becoming overwhelmed with the need for qualified credentialed staff.

In certain facilities where lifting patients and assisting with various duties that need strength, a male nurse is the best person for the position. This is not considered a hindrance to the women in this profession, they see the need to work with the male nurse to their advantage and actually are quite supportive of their role in the nursing field.

Male Nursing Is Growing

One organization that is beneficial for the men who decide to pursue nursing careers is the American Assembly for Men in Nursing. This group provides many facts that help support men interested in this career choice, as well as help to eliminate the women stereotype of nursing, Gender-based discrimination is not tolerated in the workforce today, and the organizations are plenty to encourage equality in all careers.

Educational requirements for RN nursing is the same for men as women and both genders enroll in the same programs all for the same benefit of becoming a registered nurse. Nursing programs are available in many educational institutions. Many students enroll in a community college to achieve the prerequisites for the nursing program as well as earning their associates degree.

Once one has fulfilled these requirements one can enroll in a nursing program, which usually can be completed in two years for the nursing degree or bachelors degree. Many students will halt their education at this point to find work, but many will also continue their nursing education further to include a specialty field in healthcare.

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Simple Steps to Become a Radiology Technician

radiologyThe process of becoming an x-ray technician may be a little harder than most people are aware of. There are educational requirements which must be met, as well as certification, and in some states licensing. A radiology technician has a choice of pursuing either a two year Associates degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree, depending on how motivated they are to pursue advancement within the field. In addition to their degree, a radiology technician needs to become certified.

Becoming Certified

Certification, according to Xraytechnicianeducation.com, is accomplished by means of passing an exam offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, which is also known as the ARRT. Certification does not stop with just passing this exam. In order to maintain certification a radiology technician is required to complete 24 hours of continuing education each two years. Some states also require a radiology technician to be licensed. Licensing requirements vary from state to state so a radiology technician will have to consult the state in which they wish to work to find out what those requirements are.

Employment Future for a Radiology Technician

A radiology technician can expect a rosy employment future. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor, projections indicate a faster than average growth for this profession. Traditionally, hospitals have been the largest employer of radiology technicians, and while this will remain true, many job openings are going to be found in doctors offices, and especially some of the new diagnostic imaging centers.

A good way to guarantee your employability as a radiology technician is to become trained in more than one specialty. Those who are qualified for both CT scanning and MRI are going to be valued greatly by employers. Geographical location can play a part in finding employment also. Some areas already have as many radiology technicians as they can handle, while others are experiencing a shortage. For radiology technicians who are willing to relocate, and have training in multiple disciplines of diagnostic imaging, the employment future is nearly unlimited.

One Can Choose To Specialize In Billing Or Coding

In the definition of medical billing and coding jobs, one must be aware that they are indeed two separate professions, linked into one. The jobs are separate from each other although some offices hire one person to do both tasks. It is usually a smaller office, with out as much patient flow, as say, a larger hospital, with many patients being seen on a daily basis.

A medical biller, would be one who would take the information that the medical coder had already provided, regarding diagnosis’s and procedures, and input those codes to an electronic insurance claim form to be sent via internet, for a speedy return of reimbursement.

The medical coder is one who would analyze and decipher, from the physicians notes, what codes would need to be used in order for the maximum medical reimbursement return, for the services in which the physician has provided to the patient. The job usually involves a great deal of research and analysis.

The outcome of both jobs is a great benefit to the offices who employ these highly skilled professionals.

Why Not Specialize In Both Careers For Better Salaries

The medical biller and coder salary, naturally, may not be one of the highest earned salaries within the medical field, but, it is good to know that when one is hired as a professional medical biller and coder, they can make a very comfortable salary. Being hired to do both jobs, rather than just one gives the candidate the advantage over someone who is only qualified to do one portion.

The salary of a medical biller and coder can be directly influenced by quite a few factors. The education one has, going into the career, as well as training, contributes a great amount in income levels and benefits. As referenced at, www.medicalbillingandcodings.com, the per hour pay of the medical biller and coder can vary from each establishment, but usual ranges are between $12.00 per hour to $16.00 per hour.

Geographics play another big contributor in salary ranges. If one works where there is a high cost of living, as in a city location, the salaries are usually competitive. Most studies have referenced that the medical biller and coder can expect between $30,000 and $50,000 annually.

The individual who continually invests in their future and educates themselves on any new coding procedure changes, as well as, certain seminars to promote the further education of billers and coders, would be recognized with salary and benefit compensation.

PTA Salaries: Learning to Smile At Your Standard of Living

Today’s physical therapy assistant schools, are training a cadre of professionals who are going to face the exploding numbers of patients afflicted with so many illnesses, injuries and ailments, it boggles the mind. The aging of the baby boomer generation is one of the main reasons for the need for more healthcare professionals.

As a generation we are now experiencing the effects of lives spent in the acquisition of material wealth. We are more anxious and stressed in our daily lives. Where it once was accepted for a family to have only one wage earner, today most homes are required to have two, just to maintain an average standard of living. The strong salary level for physical therapy makes it possible for a family to live comfortably on one salary.

A sedentary lifestyle has created a generation of obese individuals who suffer everything from high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, and Alzheimer’s disease. Our healthcare system is so expensive that it threatens to bankrupt our country, and our politicians have no ideas on how to fix it.

What this means is that this generation will be responsible for diverting a large amount of our GDP to managing our medical healthcare system, whether we like it or not. The recent legislation, mandating healthcare for all American citizens, will swell the ranks of patients across the entire spectrum of medical professions.

The Upwardly Mobile PTA

The healthcare professional earning a suitable physical therapy assistant salary in one city or metropolitan location may, be pleasantly surprised to discover that an impending transfer to another location will involve a better standard of living on the same level of income. Unfortunately, this may also be a nightmare to discover that your standard of living will suffer drastically by such a move.

As an example, say you were practicing your profession in San Francisco, and your boss decided to transfer you to the Los Angeles clinic. At your present income of $60,000 per year, you would only need an income of approximately $48,000 in order to maintain the same standard of living. One of your biggest expenses, housing, would see a drop of at least 32%, while utility costs might be the only category that could increase.

Now imagine if the reverse were true. If you lived in Los Angeles, and had to move to the city of San Francisco, this might create severe hardships, especially if little to no salary increase were accompanying the move.

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Ultrasound Tech Schools in California

Whether you live in southern or northern California, you can find many options when it come to ultrasound technician schools in California. This is primarily due to it being the biggest state in the nation and the large population. It is also one of the highest paying states for this particular profession. You must take into account the higher living costs associated with living in California before you consider moving there just because of a high salary.

Ultrasound technician jobs are available everywhere and are expanding, according to the job site http://www.ultrasoundexchange.com. This means that if you become a sonographer then you will have plenty of job opportunities to choose from. You do not have to go to a state just because it pays the best. You are free to choose where you want to live and work because you are sure to find job wherever you go. This is one of the advantages of not only this occupation, but the medical field all together. Healthcare is a great arena to insure you are well paid and it provides excellent job security for the long term.

Ultrasound Technician Jobs: Make a Great Income

We are living in hard economic times that require one to be sharp and alert, job opportunities are dwindling as days pass and it is therefore important for each and everyone to come up with an extra strategy that can earn them an extra income. It is good to note that you can be able to use your career skills to earn an extra income. There are very many professions that can offer one the chance to explore an avenue of getting extra income, ultrasound technician jobs are perfect for this cause.

Those professionals who are working in the ultrasound technology field have the chance to make an extra income by opening their own private clinics where they can practice apart from their employment station. Once you have satisfied all the ultrasound technician requirements and are a registered practitioner you are allowed to start your own practice that can offer you some extra income only that it should not interfere with your employment performance.